• Habitats and Landscape

Habitats and Landscape

Sunny frosty tree
Winter at Seven Sister Country Park

The Seven Sisters Country Park offers some of the finest coastal downland views in the whole of the UK. It also contains a wide range of habitats with a fantastic array of associated wildlife.

Over the next few pages you will be able to find information about some of these habitats, from the springy turf of chalk downland to the hostile territory of the shingle beach. Discover the secret survival skills of the yellow horned poppy, and find out just how many names there are for a common yellow plant found on chalk grassland.....!

Hawthorn Flowers
Hawthorn Flowers

Come and explore the wonderful natural world of the Seven Sisters, but please always be aware of the fragility of this area - pay attention to the Countryside Code and....

Take nothing but pictures...
Leave nothing but footprints...
Kill nothing but time...

Seven Sisters Country Park
sheep at seven sisters