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Due to essential works, there will be limited spaces in the North Car Park for the next few months. Please consider using public transport to visit Seven Sisters.

Ways to Care for Seven Sisters

Ways to Care for Seven Sisters

A visit to Seven Sisters is always memorable.

Whether it’s your first time exploring, or you’re a seasoned walker of this awe-inspiring coastline, there’s always a new view to admire, a new photograph to be taken.

It’s more than just natural beauty though – there’s so many elements that make this internationally-important terrain a living and working landscape.

The grasslands, chalk, wildlife, water, livestock, farms, and visible and invisible history – each facet makes Seven Sisters so special.

Here are seven tips for caring for Seven Sisters and getting the most out of your visit:

  1. Leave no trace and please take all litter home – Apart from ruining the experience for others, a scrap of litter enters a sensitive ecosystem and can seriously harm wildlife as it takes years, or even decades, to degrade. Keep nature happy by taking all litter home with you J
  2. Take The Lead –   The park is a working farm with moving farm machinery, cattle grids, grazing sheep and cattle. Please keep dogs under close control at all times and on a lead near livestock. Don’t forget to bag and bin dog poo!
  3. Stick to the paths Did you know that chalk grassland is often called Europe’s tropical rainforest in miniature? Get close to the ground and you’ll discover a bounty of biodiversity – as many as 40 flowering plant species and over 20 species of butterfly on the wing at any time during the summer! It’s important to stick to the paths to avoid trampling this delicate wildlife.
  4. Stay away from the edge and bases of cliffs We know they’re breathtakingly beautiful, but by its very nature, chalk is a crumbly and unstable rock and major cliff falls can happen at any time and without warning. Enjoy this stunning geological marvel from a safe distance and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.
  5. Respect the lumps and bumps! Seven Sisters is part of the Sussex Heritage Coast and has multiple layers of archaeology and history, revealing glimpses of the people who have lived here in the past. There are a number of protected areas and they are often just lumps and bumps in the ground that you might not realise are archaeologically important.  They include burial sites, defensive structures, abandoned settlements, agricultural features and historic navigation aids. Please be careful where you tread and never light barbecues or fires.
  6. Plan Ahead – familiarise yourself with the opening times, parking facilities, toilets, access points and it’s a good idea to have a look at a map of the park. It’s a big place!
  7. Enjoy it, savour it, share it – Breathe in the fresh, salty air and soak up an amazing day in one of the most beautiful landscapes you’re ever likely to experience. Take home your pictures and memories and look back on a great day-out that you can cherish. Do share those images on social media and spread the love for Seven Sisters J

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